How Is Technology Transforming The Media And Entertainment Industry?

Media and entertainment industries are the earliest adopters of digital advancements. Every business domain understands the need for integrating the physical and digital ends. Together with innovative technology advancements, the media and entertainment industry are developing effectively.

Media and entertainment industries are the earliest adopters of digital advancements. Every business domain understands the need for integrating the physical and digital ends. Together with innovative technology advancements,How Is Technology Transforming The Media And Entertainment Industry? Articles the media and entertainment industry are developing effectively. The latest news and information can be broadcast instantly to any edge of the globe. The continuous changes in technology are affecting the value of content and dispersion.

Instead of creating an impression about the brands, the media organizations are now majorly focusing on building directly strong relationships with consumers. Nowadays, advertisers demand more relevance, accountability, and interactivity. Trending strategies fuses the content and applications together. This gives rise to both digital and traditional media values. Personalization and optimizing the conversions is the new trend in the media and entertainment industries. It is used for improving the user experiences and is served as an extension of a brand’s identity and capability of operating the business.

Some measures:

The expected reach of entertainment and media market is worth 2.5 trillion US dollars by 2021. Services like On-demand video streaming, content streaming, advertising, streaming, solutions, etc will continue to create a benchmark in a fast-paced industry that changes constantly.

Mobile advertising will account for 80% of the internet advertising revenue with total revenue predicted around 117 billion.

Video games revenue will reach $30 billion by 2021, more than double the 2012 revenue of $15 billion.

Consumer content is expected to grow from 422 million in 2016 to 6 billion in 2021.

Trends across the Media and Entertainment Industries:

Digital Music Downloads: We have all gone through the downloading era of digital media. We used to download media on our smartphones and it gets stored on a micro memory chip. But, things have taken a U-turn with the introduction of Streaming Technology. It is now possible to access and listen to millions of songs by simply paying the price of a single album download. People are now shifting to apps and about 200 million subscribers (or more) are taking the leverage of musical apps. Musical industries are highly benefited with such services as they are earning heavily from the streaming technology.

Video Streaming: Video Streaming is trending vastly in the media and the entertainment industry. the revenue generated by video streaming is predicted to get tripled by 2021. Smart devices play a vital role in streaming video technology. It is an immensely growing digital parameter that is opening doors for many diverse industries and artists as well.

Internet Advertising: It is a set of tools for effectively conveying the promotional messages of brands to the people across the globe via the internet considered as the best “global marketing platform”. Advertising online is on the peak by the industries as it is quite affordable to any budget, easily drive more traffic to the website, allows targeting the accurate audience, and provides easy global coverage.

Virtual Reality Revolution: Virtual reality is the latest trend in the entertainment industry as it is embossing its advantages into the mainstream because of its “immersive nature”. The pivotal segments of the entertainment industry like music, theaters, location-based environment and gaming have started undertaking the benefits of virtual reality.

Emerging Technologies Reshaping the Entertainment & Media Industries:

Artificial Intelligence

The integration of AI solutions in media and entertainment industries have simplified diverse segments of content creation. By this, AI assists in benefits to the entertainers and content creators by delivering high-quality content and successful marketing tools. Moreover, AI can single-handedly manage feature films with a gripping plot, amazing background score, and incredible cinematography. For example, Wedit (Web-based video Editor Integrated with VSN Explorer), with this tool users, can create video clips from an automatic video segment search and merge them in a solo clip ready for broadcast.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)

The future of VR and AR is going to be highly impactful in the media and entertainment world. These have modified the habitual pattern of consuming content and have leveraged us with an entirely new and better immersive yet personalized experience. Some examples:

PokemonGo- This app perfectly depicts the Augmented Reality functionality. The game’s locations, frequencies, and manifestations are all done via algorithms.

Snapchat- This is another highly recommended example of AR, it offers quirky filters that include complicated machine learning algorithms. This app enables facial recognition by detecting a face, analysis the facial features and designs a 3D structure accordingly. This structure has some specific coordinates that stay on your face and also moves along.

Play Disney Parks- This app was designed for the time pass of the customers who use to wait in long queues at the Disney theme parks. Disney used to track the location of the players in real-time via BlueTooth beacons and allows the players to look for the markers in their location.


Blockchain was initially created for the use in Financial Services but later, it proved to be beneficial to other industries as well. For the Media & Entertainment industry, blockchain is making it easier for artists and entertainers to receive payments while improvising the way consumers access media. Mostly media consumers are habitual of having free access to a broad diversity of content. Many such users do not pay subscription fees for “premium” content behind paywalls. Moreover, various segments of the media industry have suffered from digitization because of the copied content that can be easily distributed. For example Singular DTV, Creativechain, Musicoin, etc. Some of the Blockchain solutions implemented in the media and entertainment industry are:

Micropayments for Content- Monetizing the content for both the creators and curators. Blockchain’s Micropayments architecture follows a pay per usage method from the users who read a single article or watch a single season of a television show. Blockchain technology has comprehensive records of its information that offers precise tracking of copyrighted content. The micropayment model is entirely automated and cost-effective.

Elimination of Content Aggregation- Blockchain technology has a decentralized structure that allows the content developers to directly present their work to the users, avoiding the traditional distribution methods. It also helps in avoiding the unnecessary chargers caused by third parties. This helps in maintaining a genuine relationship between the artist and the consumer.

Smart Contracts- Blockchain has “Smart Contracts” that are connected to a given segment of music. This connection enables accuracy, speed, and certainty to the process by implementing the contracts among the suitable parties. This offers more precision in tracking the usage of a particle song, speedy payments and brings clarity over the distribution of revenue generated among the artists and other stakeholders. In short, Smart contracts allows the measure of how the artists would be compensated for the song or music.


AI and chatbots have a huge potential in the media and entertainment industry. Chatbots assists the consumers in getting the exact knowledge of the information asked by them, having global broadcasting, easier browsing, effective audience engagement, custom alerts, and content control. It delivers customized content, better media opportunities, and effective communication on any platform. Some Chatbots examples in the media & entertainment industry are Weather bot, the gaming bot, Alexa and Google Home, the slack bots, etc.


Media and Entertainment industry has been largely driven by increasing digitization and higher internet usage over the last decade. Digital media has great potential to improve its capabilities and content delivery in order to entertain people. Trending web and mobile-based platforms are being conceived by startups and conventional media companies to serve digital content to the masses.

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Find Time For Home Biz Success by Taming the Great Life Stealers

We often hear from ones who say that they just don’t … time to devote to their home … They work … raise kids, take care of aging parents, or for … are just too busy

We often hear from ones who say that they just don’t have
enough time to devote to their home business. They work full
time,Find Time For Home Biz Success by Taming the Great Life Stealers Articles raise kids, take care of aging parents, or for other
reasons are just too busy to devote much time to a biz.
Still, they would like a home business if they could only
find the time. In this article we want to review some common
areas where most folks tend to waste time, and how you can
tame these life stealers.

# 1 TV Viewing

This ranks as the greatest time stealer of all! “Wait a
minute” you might say, “don’t tell me to give up my favorite
TV programs!” No, we are not going to tell you to quit
watching TV altogether. However, with just a little effort
you can save TONS of time that could otherwise be spent on
your home biz. Consider some ideas:

* Record Your Favorite Programs and Fast-Forward Through

This could trim off a third or more of the time
it takes to watch them.

* Control the TV – Don’t let it Control You.

Instead of vegetating in front of the TV for hours, watching
everything that comes on, try picking only the programs you
really want to see and setting the recorder. Sometimes it
may be good to just chill out in your easy chair and turn on
the tube, but once you get into the habit of recording
shows, you may find more recordings to view than you have
time for. The more productive time you spend on your home
business will start to become a habit (so will the extra
money that you earn from it!), you will spend less time with
the TV naturally, and find that you have more energy too!

# 2 Recreation

Here is another big time stealer. Everyone needs some
recreation, but most of us think we need more than we really
do. Consider that most folks work all week just for a few
moments of fun on the weekend. Back when I was working a
J.O.B. the factory was full of ones like this. They lived
their lives for fun in the sun. Never planning for anything
but more recreation. When the flag ship factory closed it’s
doors and laid most of us off, these same ones wanted to
know how they would afford their boat payments, golf cart
notes, vacation bills etc. Many had mortgaged themselves to
the hilt with recreation bills.

I was smiling because I knew we would get a nice severance
package, and that I could now focus full time on my home biz
that I always had worked on the side (I have toys too, and
enjoy fun in the sun, but I pay cash for those things or I
don’t buy them – no credit for me on recreation – no sir!).
I had turned down a few weekends of pleasure seeking over
the years, but when the whip came down, I’m sure glad I did!
I work harder for myself than I ever did for someone else,
but I control when I work, and how much I want to make.
Since I love what I do, it really is not like work. I still
limit myself on recreation, but when we do play, we really
play well!

A profitable home business is something that you should want
to do for the rest of your life. Recreation, and TV viewing
have their place. We all need relaxation and recreation, but
you might want to consider just how much time you spend
recreating when you could be building a home biz that will
give you something to do in your retirement years (not to
mention help you get there faster).

Many dream of the time when they will just lay around the
pool and do nothing for the rest of their lives. Well, I’m
here to tell you, that many wealthy or retired folks who get
to do pretty much what they want will admit – it flat gets
old doing nothing! Developing work ethic is one of the
biggest obstacles for most folks who would like to work from
home. Start Now, by putting limits on your recreation, and
you will find all kinds of time for building your home biz!

# 3 The Internet

“Now Wait Just a Minute” you might be saying, “I’m building
my business with the net”. That might be true, but there are
a LOT of things you can do online besides building your
business. If you aren’t careful, time can be focused away
from your work and more toward pleasure seeking or just
plain old surfing. Before you know it, you could spend hours
in front of your PC without doing one thing to promote your
business. A PC with an Internet connection can develop into
your digital recreation tool. The very thing that is
supposed to save time and make our lives easier could become
our biggest life stealer! Again, you need to limit yourself.

In any of these activities, it would be good to take note of
how much time you spend with them. Try keeping a careful
record for just one week and you may be surprised. Each hour
take note of what you spend time doing, and make a log. You
will quickly isolate where the time for building your home
biz can come from. Learning to use your time wisely will
prove beneficial for years to come.

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