Your Garage – Making it a Recreation Room

Making your garage a recreation room is probably harder than it sounds. If you are interested, read this article and do some careful planning and it will work.

Just because something is called a garage,Your Garage – Making it a Recreation Room Articles it doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to use it only for housing your car. Many homeowners turn this room into something else depending on their preferences, and one of the most popular alternatives for the area is as a recreation room. If this is an idea you’ve been toying with, you might want to go past toying and turn it into a reality. Following a few simple guidelines can help.

Why a Recreation Room?

What are your reasons for considering turning your garage into a recreation room? If you’re really going to go all out with renovations and such, you want to make sure that this is something you’ll be happy with for the long haul. Do you play a lot of billiards or other types of table games? Do you entertain a lot and have parties often? Having a recreation room can be great for making sure people can enjoy playing pool or other games at your home all year round.


You should decide exactly what you want before you start making your garage into a recreation room. If you just want to move the car out and put the ping-pong table in, then there’s not much planning involved. If you really want to go all out, though, then you want to make some definite plans. Perhaps you want to install a bar there, and even some carpeting and new shelves or cabinetry. You may want to put a decorative light above the pool table you’ll be installing. Write down and sketch all the things you envision for your recreation room, or use one of those handy 3-D software programs to really get a good idea.

Doing the Work

If you’re planning on doing a lot of remodeling and renovation to turn your garage into a recreation room, you’ll probably want to hire the services of a licensed professional. If you do, be sure that you’ll get someone who’ll work closely with you to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Approve all plans before they’re implemented, and keep an eye on the work that’s being done. If it looks like something isn’t being done the way you want it, it’s best to stop it as early as possible and get it corrected. Reputable contractors are always happy to keep you informed every step of the way.

Turning your garage into a recreation room can be an exciting and rewarding thing to do, as long as you make sure to do every step correctly. After all is done, your next responsibility is to simply enjoy!

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